The Faces of Chuck E. Cheese

Chuck E. Cheese evolved over the years. He started as an old rat in 1977, and has become a child mouse in recent years. Below shows the five faces of Chuck E. Cheese that appeared on tokens.

The Different Fonts Used

Throughout the catalog there are references to "Large Letters", "Small Letters", "Serif Font", "Sans-Serif Font", etc. Below shows the many different fonts used throughout the years on the Chuck E. Cheese tokens.

Type 2

Thick Letters


Abstract symbols were used on the CEC and SPP tokens to fill out the designs and give an overall "completeness" to the look. Below are all the different symbols.

Names and Mottos

CEC tokens refer to six different names of the company, while SPP tokens refer to four different names. Mottos for CEC tokens changed over the years as well. Below is every versions of names and mottos used on the CEC and SPP tokens.

SPP Type 3

Regresse Por La Pizza

Venga Por El Show

SPP Type 2

For Use In Showbiz Pizza Place Only


Occasionally, the mints engraved their mintmark on the tokens. Below shows the mintmarks of the mints that produced CEC tokens through the years. While the Hoffman mint produced most of the CEC and SPP tokens, they did not engrave their mintmark on any of them. Shown below are the HH and HM mintmarks from the SPP Related Billy Bob's Wonderland, and Billy Bob's Pizza & Skating Center.

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