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CEC Related Tokens​

The tokens listed on this page are from restaurants that were created by CEC Entertainment Inc. (formerly Showbiz Pizza Time Inc., and before that Pizza Time Theatre Inc.) Although Peter Piper Pizza was acquired by CEC Entertainment Inc. in 2014, almost all of their tokens were produced before the acquisition, and PPP was not created by CEC so their tokens are not listed here.

The catalog numbers for these tokens are of the standard arcade token form created by Stephen Alpert and Kenneth Smith for their book Amusement Tokens of the United States and Canada in 1979.

CEC Related Tokens

Date: - - - - |  Catalog #s: CA 112 GIL

Diameter: 0.984 | Composition: B, N

Obverse Text: Gilbert Zapp's, Campbell, CA.

Reverse Text: GZ

Variety: N/A

Gilbert Zapps B.jpg

Date: 2001 |  Catalog #s: TZ 540 HAR

Diameter: 0.984 | Composition: B, C

Obverse Text: TJ Hartford's, Sports Grille

Reverse Text: Same as Obverse, <OC mintmark>

Variety: N/A

TJ Hartfords B.jpg

Date: - - - - |  Catalog #s: TZ 540 HAT

Diameter: 0.984 | Composition: B, C

Obverse Text: tJ Hartford's, Grill & Bar

Reverse Text: Same as Obverse

Variety: N/A

TJ Hartfords 2 C.jpg

Date: 1983 |  Catalog #s: CA 910 ZAP

Diameter: 0.984 | Composition: B, N

Obverse Text: Zapp's, Games, Bar & Grill

Reverse Text: 25¢ Play Value

Variety: N/A

Zapps B.jpg
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